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Dry Out Process perfected

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Very Clean work in drywall removal This is a room just after drywall and baseboard removal was completed at the water damaged area for our customer.

With just over 1700 SERVPRO franchises across the nation, it is not hard to recognize that SERVPRO is the trusted leader n drying out commercial and residential properties after the property experiences a flooded area and water harms the materials the home or building is built with.

That is very dangerous when left moist or when a complete dry out is not do not correctly.

That is WHY SERVPRO is the safest and smartest choice when needing water and mold remediation.

SERVPRO sends very experienced teams very quickly no matter what time of day or what day it is!

Drywall, baseboards, damaged and wet flooring and any other materials will be removed immediately when SERVPRO arrives to take care of the catastrophic situation.

The team will also test for moisture levels and mold growth as well and then plan the exact plan of resolution according to the needs.


Fire Damage Causes

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Appliances can cause fires In this photo our customer experienced the entire kitchen becoming damaged due to an old appliance cord.

In our homes, there can be so many different types of dangers that are known to start fires.

SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman is most insurance companies first choice when referring their customers who have experienced fire damage because insurance companies are very familiar with the needs for removing all structural damage and properly clean and treat all soot, burnt wiring, and building materials before completely rebuilding the homes fire damaged rooms and areas to not only look fresh but to safely function properly including replacement of electrical wiring.

This home experienced a kitchen fire due to old electrical cord that was getting over heated and while no one was at home to recognize the problem.

Always keep in mind that appliances such as toasters, blenders, or any other counter type items with older frayed cords are not safe and the entire appliance should be thrown away and replaced for the safety of your home.

Water Leak Dry Out

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Dry Out in Progress Daily Monitoring and mov9ing the air blowing equipment is crucial no matter what day, 7 days per week.

Whether a large leak or a small leak, moisture is the result and moisture is always a dangerous fact in any home environment.

Water damage is a situation taken very serious here at SERVPRO so we always remain available 24/7, 365 days every year.

Even if its late in the night, the moisture and any standing water must be removed right away and our teams will also start the process of pulling up wet flooring, cutting back wet drywall, and removing baseboards.

Any moist building materials must be eliminated right away and the proper drying process must be put in place.

Then our technicians use a monitoring process to record moisture up the walls and in the flooring area as they continue the drying work.

SERVPRO returns every day even on the weekends or holidays because each day requires fresh monitoring stats recorded and we also move the blowers and dry out equipment according to the continued focus.


9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Reconstructed bathroom All new construction showing the fresh beautiful materials used to rebuild this home as well as the quality of the work done by SERVPRO

What sets SERVPRO apart and above the other restoration providers is the fact that SERVPRO never stops from the time they arrive to any disaster, to the time our clients get to come back & live and enjoy their fully reconstructed homes or businesses.

This home was a full interior loss due to fire damage. SERVPRO was first to respond, completed demolition, clean up, communicated daily with the homeowner, handled all insurance claim paperwork for every step of the process, and while fully rebuilding this home for the homeowner, he was able to remain hands on in all new materials chosen. 

Here at SERVPRO, our teams are built of skilled reconstruction employees who have great experience in drywall, electrical, flooring, appliances, plumbing, and paint.

It is always a great accomplishment when our teams finish and walk the homeowners through their new homes, then to hand over the keys to a fully rebuilt, fresh and safe home for the families whether the damage starts with a flood, mold, fire, or storm damage.

Monsoon and Wind in August

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Wind Blown Construction Damage A condominium complex, hit hard while still under construction

In Arizona, Mohave County does not get a lot of rain.

Monsoon season is the summertime rain and this can include heavy & strong winds as well.

Down in Parker, Az, while condominium complex was slowly being built, it sat a lot during the build, in the heat and sun.

When the weather came in to August, monsoon season hit and tore lumber, framing, and knocked over walls that had not yet been properly enforced and finished.

SERVPRO was quick to respond as many of these units were already occupied within the complex which caused the sidewalks and driveways to be blocked. SERVPRO went through the broken materials and separated the reusable material from the damaged material, cleaned up all driveways, the roadway, and secured open unfinished units with a board up process to avoid unwanted entry as well as to keep unwanted animals out until the builder gets back to finish building the units.

Skylights leaking from rain damage

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Skylights on Roof top when closely looking, the sealant at bottom of each skylight was worn and cracked, causing rain water to seep in to the interior ceiling of this home

Between long hot summers beating down on roof tops and the monsoon rain season heavily beating  water down on roofs after hot summers, roof tops take a major beating. This customer started experiencing leaks showing through to her white clean ceilings which made her wonder where the leaks were coming in from. 

She actually thought her overhead pipes in the ceiling for her plumbing was the cause when she reached out to her insurance company who suggested she contact SERVPRO right away for the fastest most effective response.

As we arrived and assessed the trouble, we found the seal around the skylights had become very warn and water was entering each time it rained, building up in her rafters, then seeping on through to her interior ceilings.

Her shingles were still healthy so our teams did a scraping of the old sealant all the way around each skylight and resealed her seems to prevent future leaks.

This new sealant is a much more weather durable product and this should last several years. Additionally, we removed damages drywall from stained interior and replaced with new drywall, re-textured, painted and repaired her interior to new condition.

Commercial Floor Dry out

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Commercial Building Saturated floors being dried out extremely fast to save new flooring

In large professional buildings, even brand new tile, will become saturated under the flooring and cause loose tiles and cost a lot of money and time to repair.

Water sitting on any flooring for longer than an hour, damages the solid installation of the past flooring and 90 % of the time, the entire floor ends up needing replaced, especially if the design of the floor tiles used in the past, are no longer available.

Here in this saturated professional building, the water went un-noticed over an entire weekend. When SERVPRO got the call, it was a Sunday afternoon and our certified teams were on site and preforming their duties in less than 1 hour as this is a professional building locally.

Not only did our teams lift all the water from the floors and monitor the moisture up the walls, but our team also came back twice daily to rearrange position of our equipment to get the fastest drying possible throughout the building.

We were able to save the floors which is very rare.

Water Leak Under house

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Under home pipe cracks Here are under ground pipes that are old and have been leaking for months, causing moisture and damage to the home.

It is a very common fact that pipes under homes with raised foundations get old and warn and are apt to crack causing a spray of a fine mist of water up towards the floor of these homes.

For weeks this can go un-noticed. Eventually, the mist collects a larger area of moisture which causes a softening of the wood and flooring materials. This is when the homeowner recognizes a flexible softness to inside flooring.

That is when they reach out to their plumber who explains what they find under the home which is normally extensive damage needing mold clean up, a dry-out of the moisture as well as a re-build to the floor.

When the homeowner reaches out to their insurance provider, the insurance provider always advises to contact SERVPRO. Insurance companies know that SERVPRO is not just the leader in drying out water damage but that SERVPRO also rebuilds the damaged home back to a strong new floor for the safety of the homeowner.

Fire damage and wood prep before rebuilding the home

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Down to the framing & ready for rebuild This image shows one of the bedrooms after complete demo and removal of all building materials and the fresh rebuild is about to start.

When a home catches fire, the fire moves so quickly through the home causing walls, electrical wiring, and causes soot to rise into the rafters and actually harms the whole home.

In the home our teams just finished here, it was necessary to  remove every building material down to the framing. Once this is completed and removed from the property, SERVPRO orders the construction team to follow behind the demolition team and start rebuilding the home.

In this home, it was rebuilt with brand new walls, flooring, baseboards, fresh paint, new doors, ceiling, and even a new exterior roof.

When the home was finished, the home was entirely new and the homeowner was able to work with our team on color and style choices so this home ended up with a brand new look.

From start to finish this fire damaged home will not smell of fire, nor is it unsafe as this home even got completely new wiring throughout.

Encapsulation protects home after a fire

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Rebuilding a home after a fire This shows the fully encapsulated framing that is protected and ready for rebuild

Here at SERVPRO our teams have had extensive training and are certified for when a fire damaged home is going to be cleaned out, and safely rebuilt properly.

One step that must happen is to treat the wood framing by a process called encapsulation. A special mix of shellac is sprayed as a sealer in fire damage restoration because of its prime ability to control fire odor. In fact, it boasts a decades-long history of successfully sealing smoke odor in treated surfaces.

It is critical to heavily treat all remaining wood materials before ever rebuilding the home.

SERVPRO is known for high quality home reconstruction and especially successful with rebuilding fire damage.

In the past year we have rebuilt many homes and the families are always very relived when they enter their home for the first time after the rebuild, that they feel no sense of fire damage and smell no soot or smoke damage remains either.

We know this is very comforting to families.