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Covid Clean Up

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

filthy extracted water from carpets this shows the dirty water that was extracted from a casino during a disinfecting procedure done by SERVPRO

In these unprecedented times, Commercial Buildings that typically have high traffic daily from the public, are getting very serious about health, safety and prevention. SERVPRO being Bio-Hazard Certified and very skilled and geared up for these Disinfection Protocols, have been accepting jobs to fully disinfect larger buildings while they are shut down so as to be safe to employees, and the public and be ready to reopen their doors when allowed by the government based on the CDC standards.

SERVPRO is really taking this serious as well and while some businesses do carpet cleaning, SERVPRO will bring publicly traveled carpets up to highly cleaned standards.

The picture shown here was their second of multiple extractions done inside this casino. They continued re-extracting and cleaning until the water they drained away was clear and the dry carpets tested safely which is way beyond a normal carpet cleaning company. Additionally the rest of our team spends all day, day after day, wiping down all surfaces with SERVPRO qualified Disinfectants and are prepared to take on more of these public buildings so as to clean up for the future so that business owners can stay home and remain safe now and know they have done the right thing for later for when they open again and bring employees and customers back.

Protect yourself from harmful materials

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

A technician with a biohazard suit and mask setting up plastic barrier around an air scrubber Biohazard cleanup

If you own rental property or you manage rental property you may encounter a biohazard at some point in time.  A biohazard could be a few different things.  Blood is the most dangerous and harmful biohazard risk that you may come in contact with.  Other risks include any type of material that has come into contact with blood or other bodily fluids.  Animal bodily fluids can also be dangerous, even more if the animal is sickly.  These situations like this needs to be cleaned and sanitized immediately.  Trained technicians are certified in the proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols needed to get rid of the biohazard quickly and efficiently.  SERVPRO will clean to health regulations and use the proper disposal for a safe environment and to prevent health risks.  If you have encountered a biohazard such as a sewage backup, trauma or chemical spill Call SERVPRO of Lake havasu City, Bullhead City, Kingman.