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The Arizona Monsoon

8/9/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Arizona Monsoon Approaching Arizona Monsoon.

Monsoon season has arrived in Arizona.  Known variously as the Mexican monsoon, the Arizona monsoon or the Southwest monsoon, the season lasts in Arizona from June until the end of September.  During the monsoon season, the Arizona desert experiences high winds, dust storms, and severe downpours that often result in flash flooding.  Below are several safety tips to weather our summer storms.

  1. Do not attempt to cross flooded washes or roadways.  Even if the water looks shallow, there is often a layer of mud beneath the water's surface that can disable your vehicle.

  2. If driving while it’s raining, slow down.  The roads are very hazardous at the beginning of a downpour as oils and automotive fluids are washed off of the asphalt.  This creates unusually slippery conditions.

  3. Keep a safe distance from windows as high winds can blow heavy debris.

  4. Flood water is often highly contaminated.  If flood water intrudes into your home or business, call SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman to safeguard your health and home from the contaminants found in flood waters.