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Commercial Floor Dry out

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Commercial Building Saturated floors being dried out extremely fast to save new flooring

In large professional buildings, even brand new tile, will become saturated under the flooring and cause loose tiles and cost a lot of money and time to repair.

Water sitting on any flooring for longer than an hour, damages the solid installation of the past flooring and 90 % of the time, the entire floor ends up needing replaced, especially if the design of the floor tiles used in the past, are no longer available.

Here in this saturated professional building, the water went un-noticed over an entire weekend. When SERVPRO got the call, it was a Sunday afternoon and our certified teams were on site and preforming their duties in less than 1 hour as this is a professional building locally.

Not only did our teams lift all the water from the floors and monitor the moisture up the walls, but our team also came back twice daily to rearrange position of our equipment to get the fastest drying possible throughout the building.

We were able to save the floors which is very rare.

Children's learning facility water clean up

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

all wet damaged materials have been removed here is a fully dry room with all damaged materials completely removed and clean

In this commercial building used for child development, they had a flooded building so the quickly contacted SERVPRO.

After the water loss was dried out, and the damaged carpeting material, wet drywall, old wet based boards are removed, the building will be monitored daily and dehumidifiers run constant to assure all walls and concrete fully dry.

This facility is busy every day therefore to keep them up and running, our team focused on the larger room first, so they have a dry big space to move to temporarily.

Once all walls and remaining building tests as fully dried out, the SERVPRO construction team is ready to replace drywall, texture the walls, paint the building, add brand new baseboards, and get this facility back up and every room as usable for the kids.

It is known that when a business experiences a water loss inside, they loose so much time in running their business and 50% of business owners who have a water damage catastrophe never reopen so it was the teams goal and priority to hustle and keep this great business going safely day to day until we finished the needed repairs.

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Commercial Services Within 1 hour of the call, our teams arrived to the property for the requested assistance

Here at SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman and surrounding territory's, our disinfection process is certainly the most thorough and reassuring process chosen in the county!

 Our teams have been working non-stop in correctional facilities, restaurants, schools, and even auto dealerships as well as homes.

As a nationwide cleaning & disinfecting company we have been working beside the CDC and building a strong effective method for cleaning the air, every hard surface, floors & carpets, and walls and doors.

Each disinfection process is designed specifically for the environment with any commercial building and in many instances we provide weekly and monthly reclean & disinfection services.

This has become the best defense in the safety of all employees, children, and the general public as well.

Our methods have been a true reassurance for business owners' school districts. jails & prisons and many small businesses as well.

SERVPRO has tripled the staff and remained ready so that when we get the requested need, our customers do not wait but are treated as an immediate priority!

Commercial Water Loss takes priority

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

cause of leak A small hot water heater at a dentist office, leaked throughout their building

Here at SERVPRO, we are the top referred restoration provider for water leak issues in commercial properties.

insurance companies always suggest their clients use SERVPRO here in Mohave County & in La Paz County because not only are we the fastest to respond but we have certified teams ready 24/7 and we make them a priority so that any business can get back to business fast as well.

We take the mess, the personal content, and their hours of operation very serious when we get a call regarding any commercial water leak.

Insurance providers always make sure to let their clients know too that SERVPRO is #1 when making sure not to leave moisture so as to be very sure the customer does not ever have future mold growing after the water saturates their carpets or contents or drywall.

Taking a pride with commercial buildings in need due to a water leak, is what we do.

Learning Center Water Damage

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Building Water Loss Soaked carpets when opening business can cause distress for any business when needing to open that day and the floors are filled w/ water from a leak.

Here at SERVPRO, we take pride in fast arrival to our Commercial properties.

From the minute we get the call they have entered their building and found flooded carpets, we jump!

Our certified water drew is called whether day or night, 24/7. This assures that the water all over the floors is removed immediately with a goal to get them back in to business as fast as possible.

Drying out the premise, assessing the damage that may have creeped up the walls, and even moving 7 drying the contents, is all done immediately.

In Mohave County, we keep many certified teams on call, skilled, and ready because we provide commercial restoration services of all types in many cities within our counties.

SERVPRO always puts business at a top priority when getting a call that their business has soaked floors or any type of damage that is going to keep them from seeing their customers that day.

Covid Sanitizations

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

clean and ready for use Even in 2021, our Restaurant owners take all precautions.

Of course 2020 was challenging for all of us and especially the restaurant business. Here in Lake Havasu City, we have enjoyed teaming up with some of the most popular restaurants in protecting not just the public but also the employees during such times.

Disinfecting the public seating, restrooms, the air quality, and the tables, chairs, doors and door handles, and walls and floors is not the only concern. Here at SERVPRO- we have provided a full disinfection process in the customers kitchen and cooking areas as well.

This not only provided peace of mind to the daily customers but kept employees healthy for the staff and for the customer's sake.

It seems to be very routine now for heavily visits restaurants to schedule routine disinfecting. It also seems that business owners have become more concerned and more accountable to sanitization processes both for customers and the employees alike.

SERVPRO saved empty building

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Dryout with Drywall removal Wall after dry out showing clean and dry with drywall removed in commercial space

Often times, buildings sit empty when a business closes in the space and it is for sale. This means that for weeks and months, the space may not have anyone walking inside. In this Water Loss situation we were called because a smaller unit in this complex had a leak. The tenant contacted us and we arrived within 40 minutes that morning. 

Our team accesses the water loss and found that it has saturated the dividing wall that went to another unit next door. When we reached the contact person for the unit we were concerned about, we were told that it was no longer being occupied and was for sell.

SERVPRO explained the need to gain access and within an hour, a Manager of this entity met us and let us in. Right away we could see that this larger empty space is where all the water absorded through to. SERVPRO immediately set up to extract and treat carpets, baseboard removal, and began set up to dry out all wall cavity. Drywall also needed cut and removed.

The testing was performed daily and even with 12 dryers and daily checks, our technicians moved our equipment each day focusing on the areas testing with the most moisture.

While the tenant who found this leak felt he did'nt have much damage, he realized quickly that his leak had caused much water saturation to the unit beside him.

In these situations, Insurance companies and tenants begin going back and forth on who will be handling the cost on this.

SERVPRO is always there to support, access, dry out, and repair these losses, working with the businesses and billing later, as dry outs must be done immediately to prevent further damage and mold.

Moisture travels into walls

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall Demo Moist, affected drywall removal in progress

In this small business, they arrived to work to see the floors flooded after a 3 day weekend of being closed.

SERVPRO was called and was on site within 35 minutes, and the visible water from this leak was extracted within a short period of time so that she could open her doors for business.

SERVPRO returned daily to detect moisture and her walls were testing very high in moisture. She didn't want to have a demolition done as it was going to distract her ability to run business.

The testing showed high for 3 days so SERVPRO explained to her that doing a dry out was not going to be sufficient and mold will be unhealthy for her and the customers as well as the building. Her business insurance was involved by then and required further work be done to avoid mold growth.

SERVPRO, being a Construction Remodeling & Repairs team as well...

Was able to remove drywall, further dry out, do appropriate mold testing, and replace the drywall and re-textured her wall, then re-painted so her business could resume within 6 days.

When dry outs are done correctly, there are no further concerns of mold.

Commercial Repair

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Before Completion Demo and prep for a rebuild at commercial bldg

Many times SERVPRO is the first to a situation where someone has experienced a water or fire loss.

SERVPRO is also a remodeling company with many skilled members in our several repairs teams we provide within our staff.

This recent Commercial Customer did not ever have any water loss, however he rented a building that really needed upgraded and remodeled to fit his small business needs before he opened.

He was aware of our Construction Team, called, and SERVPRO was happy to help. We created a 3/4 wall for a supply room, cleaned carpets, repaired walls, repainted his new space.

When he contacted us, he was opening in a week and asked if we could accomplish the work within his time frame.

Due to SERVPRO of LHC/BHC/Kingman having 3 separate repairs teams, so we were certainly able to accommodate his needs.

Always the Best Choice

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial Repairs by SERVPRO Picture is an illustration of our team member at a commercial loss

Commercial Buildings are a very important matter when any type of loss happens whether it is from Fire, Water Leak, or even Bio-Hazard such as a Virus Type Breakout, because the loss and overall situation really can affect so many people in just a day! So many times the Property Manager, Owner, even the main business manager, are never available when needed in a surprise situation. Although this is true, the problem still needs assistance just as quickly! SERVPRO is very ready to be at the facility within a short time even when we were contacted last minute. SERVPRO always comes with a resolution and complete plan- and a team of skilled experts who can all work together to make any mess- "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is built of many Teams. Teams for Water & Fire Loss Mitigation, Drying Experts, Mold, Lead, Asbestos Removal and we pride ourselves also in a great Repairs Team!i IN our Repairs Team, we offer a group who is skilled in different areas to be able to offer an array of repairs type services which can even include Remodeling and putting a Commercial Building back together from any damage.

Commercial Premise Dry Out

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

green air scrubber in place during a controlled demo inside a utility room of a commercial building.  Air Scrubber inside a commercial building during a controlled demo with signs of mold growth.

Taking precautions during a controlled demo inside a commercial building utility room.  Leak from the roof into a small utility room caused damage to the drywall and insulation with some signs of possible mold growth.  This photo shows the affected area during the controlled demo process with a plastic containment barrier up, to contain the affected area from unaffected areas, with the green air scrubber inside the containment to cleans the air inside the containment preventing dust and other contaminants in the air from spreading.  The air scrubber has a HEPA filtration system built in which is the best filtration known today.  The air scrubber runs nonstop throughout the remediation process.  The air scrubber will continue to run from the time of demo completion to the time of the clearance testing.  Taking all precautions to prevent any health risks involved with mold growth.  SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman is the professional restoration company you know and trust to do the job right the first time.    

Plumbing Leak in Commercial Building

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Wet ceiling tiles from pipes leak Wet Ceiling Tiles

At our local city offices, the staff returned from a 3 day weekend to find the building with wet and saturated walls affecting 5 offices and a break room as well as their Server "IT" room and the electronics within these spaces. SERVPRO was called and arrived with all equipment ready to mitigate and dry out the entire building. First the team located the leak and turned off the water main because the first employee that arrived that morning and noticed the entire situation was new, and had never been shown where the water main is located. While the City Building Manager handled getting a plumber, SERVPRO worked quickly to extract all water in their carpets, pulled wall molding, test wall cavities and install the Injecto-Dry Machines to further dry out the wall cavities quickly. Daily testing and constant dry out methods dried out this building in less than 72 hours, and our SERVPRO Repairs Team replaced the drywall at lower walls, textured, painted and fully reconstructed their entire building office spaces within a 7 day time frame so that all employees were able to return to their productivity.