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SERVPRO packs up and stores personal belongings during clean up

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen drawers emptied and packed for client Picture is showing empty drawers, after items have been documented and packed up for the family

hen a business or home experiences a fire, it takes many steps in mitigation, repairs, and restoration.

During this time, SERVPRO has a great team of people who take pictures of every rooms contents even in drawers, then packs the contents up and marks every box.

If there is fire damage to items SERVPRO has a system that restores soft contents, and the cleaning team will wash and clean up every bit of cooking utensils, cupboard goods, and prepare everything for when it is taken back to the home, after all repairs are completed.

In this picture, the team is about done packing up kitchen cabinet contents ad preparing to move everything to a private storage compartment for this family.

Once their home is fully restored by SERVPRO, the cleaning & Packing team will carefully move all cleaned up items and belongings back into the clients home, then do a full cleaning of the home for the family to come home to a home in great shape, ready to live comfortably in.

Home Fire after Fire Department puts out fire

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Bedroom shot before fire clean up picture shows the master bedroom with insulation and debris all over the bed and room damaged of fire.

In homes, it is a very devastating feeling when the home catches fire.

While it is scary to experience fire inside our home, it is quite a set back to walk through your home "after" the fire department has safely put the fire out because they work they do, leaves the home an even larger disaster.

Insulation ends up falling down from the attic, debris is settled all over, and this is when choosing SERVPRO to help, ends up being such a relief on my levels.

To choose a Restoration Company that knows the importance of boarding up window openings, clean up from the fire department's mess, then to know SERVPRO will carefully pack up belongings, take them to their cleaning machines by Esporta and bring personal belongings back to clean and sanitary, while their Demo Team and their Repairs teams "Get to Work" in assessing damage, removing damage, then rebuilding the home, is the most settling feeling for a residential customer who's home has been burned and turned upside down. When our customer re-enters their home, in full repair, no more fire odors, and safely repaired back to "Like it never even happened," condition, this allows our customers to feel very comfortable they chose SERVPRO. 

Commercial Office water saturation in ceiling

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Water inside ceiling Photo captures visibility of the water leak still sitting inside ceiling ready to burst on to floor inside.

Any time a roof leak is not recognized, and water continues to saturate, it creates a heavy water build up between the roof and ceiling.

The weight if the water collected, eventually bursts and causes damages inside the structure as in this particular Commercial Office. The water weight made the ceiling very dangerous for people to be inside as when that breaks loose, everything will fall on to who ever is under the saturated ceiling. In this case, SERVPRO tapped off access because the florescent light fixture had already fallen and the water collected between ceiling and roof was ready to give away and fall.

When SERVPRO arrives, assessing the water leak is critical however, so is the safety of others.

The owner of the building was very understanding to the importance of not having this office open and our Water Mitigation Team and Repairs teams were able to do required Water Mitigation and some repairs while the business owner had the outside roof repaired for the future.

SERVPRO saved empty building

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Dryout with Drywall removal Wall after dry out showing clean and dry with drywall removed in commercial space

Often times, buildings sit empty when a business closes in the space and it is for sale. This means that for weeks and months, the space may not have anyone walking inside. In this Water Loss situation we were called because a smaller unit in this complex had a leak. The tenant contacted us and we arrived within 40 minutes that morning. 

Our team accesses the water loss and found that it has saturated the dividing wall that went to another unit next door. When we reached the contact person for the unit we were concerned about, we were told that it was no longer being occupied and was for sell.

SERVPRO explained the need to gain access and within an hour, a Manager of this entity met us and let us in. Right away we could see that this larger empty space is where all the water absorded through to. SERVPRO immediately set up to extract and treat carpets, baseboard removal, and began set up to dry out all wall cavity. Drywall also needed cut and removed.

The testing was performed daily and even with 12 dryers and daily checks, our technicians moved our equipment each day focusing on the areas testing with the most moisture.

While the tenant who found this leak felt he did'nt have much damage, he realized quickly that his leak had caused much water saturation to the unit beside him.

In these situations, Insurance companies and tenants begin going back and forth on who will be handling the cost on this.

SERVPRO is always there to support, access, dry out, and repair these losses, working with the businesses and billing later, as dry outs must be done immediately to prevent further damage and mold.

Moisture travels into walls

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Demo of drywall in progress Tech is removing drywall for further dry out to access and prevent mold.

In this small business, they arrived to work to see the floors flooded after a 3 day week end of being closed.

Wile SERVPRO was called and was on site within 35 minutes and the visible water from this leak was extracted within a short period of time so that she could open her doors for business this day, later, SERVPRO returned every evening to detect moisture and her walls were testing very high in moisture. She did'nt want to have and demolition done as it was going to distract her ability to run business.

The testing showed high for 3 days so SERVPRO explained to her that doing a dry out was not going to be sufficient and mold will be unhealthy for her and the customers as well as the building. Her business insurance was involved by then and required further work be done to avoid mold growth.

SERVPRO, being a Construction Remodeling & Repairs team as well...

Was able to remove drywall, further dry out, do appropriate mold testing, and replace the drywall and re-textured her wall, then re-painted so her business could resume within 6 days.

When dry outs are done correctly, there is no further concerns of mold.

Roof Leak caused by storm

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growing deep in to framing Framing of the commercial structure is exposed to see reveal that mold has grown deep in to the structure.

Roof Leaks are often hard to detect. In this commercial building, the roof is made of corrugated tin. While these roof coverings are known to be tough, storms have strong winds and that is what lifted the tin and allowed the water to leak. This went undetected for many months and eventually the owner called, after seeing mold. When SERVPRO arrived and accessed, the drywall and wall coverings were removed at the affected area. This picture shows that even the heavy 2 x 6 framing is affected by mold. When SERVPRO does these mitigations and repairs, the mold area must be removed further back than the visible issue appears. That is why it is very important to have repairs teams. Customers really appreciated only having to file 1 claim and get the problems resolved as well as the repairs completed.  

Board up after Fire

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Home Board Up Home exterior photo showing window openings board up for safety

When a residential property experiences a house fire, the fire has typically gotten so hot that the home's windows blow out and before this home is able to get cleaned up and rebuilt, there are weeks that a home sits while the Fire Dept. and City to determine the cause of the fire. During this wait, it is very important to board up these homes because of personal belongings as well as to keep people out who are not supposed to enter. By law, nothing is t be interrupted while the home is under investigation and the homeowner's insurance is assessing as well.

SRVPRO is available 24/7 to do board ups quickly when needed in any situation.

Remodel and Repair

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Many times SERVPRO is the first to a situation where someone has experienced a water or fire loss.

SERVPRO is also a remodeling company with many skilled members in our several repairs teams we provide within our staff.

This recent Commercial Customer did not ever have any water loss, however he rented a building that really needed upgraded and remodeled to fit his small business needs before he opened.

He was aware of our Construction Team, called, and SERVPRO was happy to help. We created a 3/4 wall for a supply room, cleaned carpets, repaired walls, repainted his new space.

When he contacted us, he was opening in a week and asked if we could accomplish the work within his time frame.

Due to SERVPRO of LHC/BHC/Kingman having 3 separate repairs teas. we were certainly able to accommodate his needs.

Plumbing Leaks cause damage to home

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Pipe leak Picture is of the failed plumbing that was small, yet caused a large loss and damages in the home

Whether up over head or down under your sink or bathrooms, pipes and water lines eventually fail, and usually start with a crack or break in pipe so the leaks are slow leaks at first. Very undetectable and worsen over time.

Its always when it worsens that our customer's notice the problem. By then, the leak has resulted in saturation and possible mold hiding within ceilings or walls way before it is noticed. This is why the homeowner is overwhelmed and contacts their insurance right away.

Insurance Companies are very familiar and know there will always be a need for mitigation and then fully repair the home. That is why they always choose SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is ONE TEAM, Fast to Respond, and are fully prepared to reconstruct and repair their home all the way through the entire job which is so helpful to the insurance and the home owner. Otherwise, most restoration companies only come remove the water and then its left to get insurance approval all over again for other companies to do all the repairs, but not at SERVPRO!

SERVPRO does every required step all the way to completion.

Kitchen Damage during Water Leak

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Water throughout kitchen This is the customer's kitchen as the damage was seen upon arrival

No matter what causes a water leak, the rooms closest by each leak, really suffers and in this case, it is the customers kitchen that ended up with the most inside damage that is going to require new flooring and drywall after dry out. Customer's never plan for these types of situations and having Homeowner's Insurance is certainly critical.

This homeowner, is on a very strict budget so her insurance company was key to helping with this disaster and the insurance company advised they use SERVPRO because they are fast and efficient as well as that SERVPRO is not just a disaster mitigation company but also a Construction Repair Company so insurance approves all the required work all in one process and step. This is great for the customer, as it brings them completely though the process all the way to the end where the home is fully restored. SERVPRO was able to remove the water, replace drywall, and fully repair her home.