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Always the Best Choice

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Teams Picture is an illustration of our team member at a commercial loss

Commercial Buildings are a very important matter when any type of loss happens whether it is from Fire, Water Leak, or even Bio-Hazard such as a Virus Type Breakout, because the loss and overall situation really can affect so many people in just a day! So many times the Property Manager, Owner, even the main business manager, are never available when needed in a surprise situation. Although this is true, the problem still needs assistance just as quickly! SERVPRO is very ready to be at the facility within a short time even when we were contacted last minute. SERVPRO always comes with a resolution and complete plan- and a team of skilled experts who can all work together to make any mess- "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is built of many Teams. Teams for Water & Fire Loss Mitigation, Drying Experts, Mold, Lead, Asbestos Removal and we pride ourselves also in a great Repairs Team!i IN our Repairs Team, we offer a group who is skilled in different areas to be able to offer an array of repairs type services which can even include Remodeling and putting a Commercial Building back together from any damage.

Mold Mitigation & Repairs

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Hallway after Mold Clean up and Repairs This image shows a water loss that had been sitting for 3 weeks in the summer, so clean up & repairs is almost fully completed.

Many seasonal residential customers in our area leave their homes for several months out of each year to live in second homes across the U.S. This makes for trouble if their home is vacant and experiences a water leak from a broken plumbing pipe situation. Then the home sits in our hot summers from weeks to months before the homeowner returns to find mold growing way up their walls. When SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City / Bullhead City / Kingman and surrounding areas gets called to their home, our Team suits up before entering as by then they have mold and spores growing 4 feet or more up their walls. The water extraction, mold scrub and drywall removal is done quickly, however SERVPRO extracts, dries out, and scrubs the air to be sure all mold is removed, and the inside environment is safe! Once this is accomplished, and the drywall is removed, and the customer's insurance approves, SERVPRO sends their Repairs Construction Team in to rebuild. The customer's contents are safely stored in our warehouses, many personal contents have already been cleaned by our Esporta Cleaning System back in our warehouse, then packed safely or returned to the customer at their request. The picture in this blog shows all mitigation completed and the drywall already replaced by our Repairs Team. SERVPRO installed all new doors, finished drywall with texture and will be replacing baseboards and painting the walls to provide this customer a safe, cleaned up home that they can come back to "Like it never even happened," which is very important by SERVPRO standards.  

Roof Leaks due to lack of maintenance

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

Cracked roof material This was an aluminum roof seam sealed with a Material that needs maintenance from time to time.

Here at SERVPRO we are always ready and available for Storm Roof Tarps and to help customers as a First Responder on any leak caused by Roof issues.

What we are finding is that when any water damage happens inside your home and the finding is an issue with the roof whether it be a shingle or tile roof, your insurance company often struggles in approving coverage for water damage repairs when there was not a recent heavy wind or storm that freshly caused the damage to the roof that leaked water in to your home. Insurance Companies feel that a homeowner is responsible for home maintenance and to have your roof checked from year to year for any type of normal malfunction to the materials that as a home or property owner, should be maintained.

This means that if your home has a roof leak that causes damage to the inside just after a heavy storm and it is clearly visible the roof is damaged due to the recent storm, its much easier to get approval for coverage.

SERVPRO is very happy to provide service and repairs either way, however once an insurance company deems the issue to be from lack of maintenance and not from damage, the cost gets billed to the home owner.

This means regular roof checks are a smart idea.

Inside Damage from exterior leak from roof

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

Leak located up at inside roof line This picture is taken from the inside at roof line in the affected bedroom, showing the wet wood

Once again, SERVPRO was a fast responder to this bedroom leak damage caused from a leaky roof that allowed water to leak down the wall, into her bedroom.

Normally, mold is already forming and as usual, SERVPRO did removed all molding in the home, the affected drywall was also removed. A Dry Out was set up and monitored over the week ed as well.

The customer was very pleased to know that SERVPRO was also going to be capable of sending the SERVPRO Repairs Team and completely rebuild and replace everything and paint to match exactly as the bedroom was before this trouble happened.

The dry out was a 4 day process, the insurance approval took 4 days, and once this all was approved, the Project Manager worked together with this customer to put a repairs plan in place which was also completed within an additional 6 days.

This means that this customer had everything resolved and her bedroom back to normal "Like it never even happened," in less than 2 weeks.

This is why SERVPRO!

Commercial Mold Remediation

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

green air scrubber in place during a controlled demo inside a utility room of a commercial building.  Air Scrubber inside a commercial building during a controlled demo with signs of mold growth.

Taking precautions during a controlled demo inside a commercial building utility room.  Leak from the roof into a small utility room caused damage to the drywall and insulation with some signs of possible mold growth.  This photo shows the affected area during the controlled demo process with a plastic containment barrier up, to contain the affected area from unaffected areas, with the green air scrubber inside the containment to cleans the air inside the containment preventing dust and other contaminants in the air from spreading.  The air scrubber has a HEPA filtration system built in which is the best filtration known today.  The air scrubber runs nonstop throughout the remediation process.  The air scrubber will continue to run from the time of demo completion to the time of the clearance testing.  Taking all precautions to prevent any health risks involved with mold growth.  SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman is the professional restoration company you know and trust to do the job right the first time.    

Overhead Plumbing Leak in Commercial Building

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Wet ceiling tiles from pipes leak Wet Ceiling Tiles

The local City building came back from a 3 day weekend to a building with wet and saturated walls affecting 5 offices and a break room as well as their Server "IT" room and the electronics within these spaces. SERVPRO was called and arrived with all equipment ready to mitigate and dry out the entire building. First the team located the leak and turned off the water main because the first employee that arrived that morning and noticed the entire situation was new, and had never been shown where the water main is located. While the City Building Manager handled getting a plumber, SERVPRO worked quickly to extract all water in their carpets, pulled wall molding, test wall cavities and install the Injecto-Dry Machines to further dry out the wall cavities quickly. Daily testing and constant dry out methods dried out this building in less than 72 hours, and our SERVPRO Repairs Team replaced the drywall at lower walls, textured, painted and fully reconstructed their entire building office spaces within a 7 day time frame so that all employees were able to return to their productivity.

Water Extraction using Weighted Machine

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Water Extraction at a Bank Heavy weighted machine pulls water out immediately.

SERVPRO was called to a Commercial Building last week where the business was needing to open their doors for customers within 45 minutes time. Their carpets were unsafe and very wet for the public to be walking in on.

SERVPRO arrived as soon as receiving the Loss Call with our Weighted Rover Machine to push down with the technician's body weight squeezing down on the flat surface to extract more water in a faster time frame for this bank that was opening shortly.

While the technician was baring down on the floors pulling a lot of water out quickly, the water was being directed out back to the green space so that the outdoor area would not be overly flooded when customers arrived.

Additionally- our team of technicians started pulling baseboards, testing wall cavities and installing Injecto-Dry machines to be sure the walls dried out in 48 to 72 hours making sure no mold grew. The moisture tests were done later and our Repairs Team fully put their building back together to make sure we reached our SERVPRO goal which is to provide a fast response and leave a building "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO - "Like it never even happened."

3/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO - Esporta Certified Nationwide Team 24/7 Here is our SERVPRO LHC/BHC/Kingman Facility, the warehouse ESPORTA Cleaning System, and a Dry Out we set up after a water leak in a local Commercial

There are so many reasons why choosing SERVPRO is a very wise decision when in need during a Water Leak inside your home, during a Fire Loss in your home or garage, and also when in need of Bio-Hazard type clean up from an incident within your home.

SERVPRO is a "First Responder" to your home to help clean up and repair all issues from any unexpected situation.

No one plans for this and when you put your trust in to SERVPRO, they will always be in touch within 1 Hour, on site to help within 4 hours and will have a detailed update for you or your Insurance Adjuster if required.

SERVPRO can handle very large jobs in Commercial Buildings and are very happy to help just as quickly with small jobs.

SERVPRO is very different than other restoration type providers because SERVPRO is a "Start to Finish" Restoration Provider. This means from pulling baseboards, removing drywall, testing walls, drying out all water including moisture  the wall cavity, SERVPRO is also in the business of repairs so we take the situation all the way through to its restored state, "Like it never even happened."

This really speeds up the entire process as the Insurance Adjusters, Companies, and your Agent is able to approve the work one time and your entire home is restored with no new claims and no down time awaiting a Repair Contractor.

SERVPRO of LHC / BHC / Kingman is also known for being able to restore and return 85% of your important personal property as here at our warehouse, as we are a Certified Esporta Cleaning System Facility.

Not only can you have your affected and damaged or soiled items returned in like new condition but your Insurance Company will be able to close your "Loss Claim" saving $1000's of dollars which saves you in insurance type costs going forward, as well.

Why SERVPRO for Fire Damage & Repairs

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Loss and Full Repair This is a residential Fire loss shown in kitchen area includes repair photo

One of our recent customers was a family that experienced a house fire that started in the child's bedroom and the smoke, heat of the fire, and soot absolutely ruined the houses inside walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, their bedroom closets, bathrooms, and all ceilings and floors.

The smell of fire lingered for weeks. Because SERVPRO is not only a First Responder to assess damages, work together with the homeowner and their insurance adjuster, we have built a large skilled set of teams that differ in their skill set so SERVPRO was able to Assess, Demo, and fully repair this home.

As we would communicate each step to the homeowwners, they became very relieved knowing what to expect next. I watched this family go from being stressed over such loss, to showing hope and smiles on their faces as their home was cleaned, deodorized, capsulating their inner framing inside their home, then rebuild their homes drywall, floors, and all the internal details of their home, staying true to the SERVPRO goal which is "Like it never even happened." This also included removing their personal belongings, cleaning them using our ESPORTA Cleaning System which is a very new Technology we invested in to protect and return valuable personal belongings which saves Insurance Adjusters, Agents Companies thousands of dollars as well.   

Nationwide Teamwork makes One Large Company

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is ONE Nationwide Team SERVPRO semi trailer sitting on site during a disaster.

SERVPRO here in Lake Havasu City is capable of handling fairly large disasters in Commercial as well as Residential Environments.

We recently experinced a disaster loss call and were the first responders to a hospital in a nearby city and while we sent everone we had along with all of our equipment available in our warehouse, when we realized this was affecting intensive care and other very critical units within their facility, we knew then that to stay true to our standards which are 1.4.8- we would have to resolve this within hours.

To provide the most we could to this facility, we called for assist from our SERVPRO   out of the next territory who was on site within less than 3 hours with a semi truck and trailer full of more equipment and many additional crew workers who are equally trained and certified to SERVPRO standards.

The facility was extremely busy and our entire team worked around the clock and was able to mitigate, clean up, and repair within just a short period of time.

SERVPRO is professionally consistent Nationwide which makes a One Nationwide Team ready 24/7!